Volunteer Training Module 1

Module 1

Module 1 Content and Quiz Required Volunteer Training

Crossover Academic Mentoring Program Introduction

The Crossover Academic Mentoring Program is aimed at literacy and mathematics development and academic empowerment of students in Indian River County ages eight and above who are at-risk of falling below their grade level and reaching their highest potential. Experience has shown that “students who scored in the highest percentile read the most and had encountered the most words. Likewise, the lowest-performing students in the class not only read the very least but also encountered a minimal amount of words” (The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades, Boushey & Moser). Crossover Mission is developed and designed in cooperation with principals and educators from the School District of Indian River County, and in particular, those schools and personnel which directly impact the Crossover student population.

What is Academic Mentoring?

Which of the following is NOT a positive benefit of mentoring?(Required)

Goals of Academic Mentoring

Which of the following is NOT a goal of academic mentoring?(Required)

Roles and Expectations of Academic Mentors

Qualities of successful mentors (check all that apply):(Required)

Code of Conduct with Youth and Children (Youth)

No form of abuse will be tolerated. All reports of suspicious or inappropriate behavior with youth or any allegation of abuse will be taken seriously. Crossover will fully cooperate with authorities if allegations of abuse are made that require investigation. Crossover reserves the right to dismiss any person from any event setting for any reason. Check all of the forms of abuse that apply:(Required)

Policies for Working with Youth

Generally what is the expected adult to child ratio that Crossover maintains for basketball and academic mentoring?(Required)
Which of the following comments is an example of a fixed mindset as opposed to a growth mindset?(Required)
Which of the following is an appropriate physical contact with a student?(Required)
Which of the following is NOT accepted in one-on-one outside interactions?(Required)
Is the following statement true or false: It is sufficient to text a student and parent jointly to schedule an off-site study session at your home.(Required)
As a volunteer chaperone at an overnight retreat or event, which of the following is NOT acceptable:(Required)
Which of the following are appropriate examples of electronic communication:(Required)
True or false: Under certain circumstances, when a volunteer or staff has established a deeper mentoring relationship sanctioned by the parent, gifts for birthday or holidays may be given with parent permission.(Required)

Program Guidelines and Rules

The ideal academic mentor would strive to:(Required)

Safety and Evacuation Procedures

Which of the following are Crossover Mission safety and evacuation procedures?(Required)

Thank you for your attention to the material in this guide. We appreciate your time and adherence to these important guidelines. Most of all, we appreciate your willingness to help mold precious lives. Please fill out and sign the acknowledgement below and submit.

Academic Mentor Acknowledgement and Agreement

I have read the Crossover Academic Mentoring Program Training Guide and understand the guidelines as outlined. I agree, to the best of my abilities, to serve as a volunteer for the Crossover Mission, Inc. academic mentoring program and will abide by the rules as stated in the Guide.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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