Transcendence Academy

A Sisterhood of Crown-Builders

Building Our Own Crowns • Protecting Our Sisters’ Crowns

Transcendence Academy Courses

Directions: There are six Transcendence Academy Courses. All six must be completed (along with the other requirements) to earn your crown. Each of the icons below will take you to a specific course page. You should start with Course 1. After that, courses can be completed in any order. However, once you are inside a course, complete each part or each step of a course in the order presented.

Course 1:Getting Started

Questions and Answers

Based on an excerpt from the book

By Monique W. Morris

Course 2:The importance of your education

Based on the teachings and examples of

First African-American First Lady of the United States

Course 3:Active Listening

How to be deeply engaged and attentive listener!

Course 4:Relationships

Build true Friendships and healthy relationships!

Course 5:Emotional Health

Master Your Emotions.

Stay calm under pressure.

Boost your self-confidence.

Course 6:Healthy Living

Build healthy habbits!
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