Academic Tutoring & Mentoring

The Crossover Academic Mentoring Program is aimed at literacy development and academic empowerment of students in Indian River County from elementary through high school who are at-risk of falling below their grade level and who need help. Crossover Mission is developed and designed in cooperation with principals and educators from the School District of Indian River County, and in particular, those schools and personnel which directly impact the Crossover student population.  

Academic mentoring is more than just tutoring or homework help. It is a one-on-one, caring, supportive partnership between a mentor and a student that is based on trust and whose purpose is to focus on the scholastic needs of the student toward achieving his/her fullest potential. A mentor is a wise and trusted friend with a commitment to provide guidance and support to the student. Academic Mentoring is also focused on developing growth mindsets, character development, etiquette, confident self-expression, and exposure to the broader world.

During the school year, the Crossover schedule emphasizes academics and athletics. Students are busy every day with these two components. During the summer, although we maintain athletic training and academic efforts, we shift gears and focus more heavily on mentoring and life exposure. We provide experiences that can shape the students' vision about what is possible in their own education and careers. We change their summers from idleness to purpose-driven experience, from present-oriented thinking to future-driven exposure, skill development, and dream building. 

The most important factor in the success of a child or teen after parental influence is his motivation, his drive to work for something, his “want to!” Finding the key to that kind of motivation is tricky but essential, especially with at-risk children and teens. Young people have an abiding need to belong, to be liked within their peer group, and to feel accepted by those around them. Our Crossover kids are also highly attracted by basketball, athletics, and the popular culture surrounding these. At the same time, however, many kids experience inconsistency, uncertainty, and failure on a daily basis. A strong relevant role model and a pervasive positive culture for success are needed – a new paradigm, one that taps into the kids’ hunger for belonging and consistency, reduces uncertainty, and mitigates failure. In this way, a new roadmap for excellence develops, leading to a deeper, more intrinsic life-changing type of motivation.

Many Crossover kids possess alpha personalities. Tough walls have been erected around their hearts. They need a powerful force for good to love them and guide them toward their best selves. They need the help of Crossover! Crossover is a family of belonging, striving, and achieving that provides a positive, life-building community of peer acceptance and approval. 

Tutoring Schedule

(During the school year)


Open Tutoring

Monday Through Thursday

2pm - 5pm The Crossover Center


Course Recovery

Every Tuesday

2:45 – 4:15 Gifford Middle School

2:45 – 4:15 Storm Grove Middle School