Our Accomplishments


  • Over 140 participants between the ages of 7-16 since inception in March 2014. The target population consists of students without options due to poverty and family instability. Most are disconnected from existing social and health programs. Most are single mother households living in over crowded housing, with multiple siblings and often incarcerated or missing fathers.
  • Development and implementation of our Academic Mentoring Program (AMP!) that includes 40+ tutors/volunteers who work one-on-one with students to improve literacy, math and overall academic success. Academic training is organized with structure and includes one-on-one literacy training, grade level math support; tutor lead recovery of failed courses and character mindset drills all developed by the in-house Curriculum Specialist.
  • Of the active participants, currently 95% are achieving a minimum 2.0 GPA or higher.  At the start of the 2016-17 school year, 49% were beginning the year on the AB honor roll and 26% had a C average.
  • Customized tutoring programs for some students who need targeted help.
  • Advocacy for students who need intervention in the school system.
  • Reduced grade failure by 100% and thereby reduced the dropout potential. No Crossover students have failed the grade after one year of consistent intervention/training. At the same time, we have had a number of student participants fall backward from a place of higher performance.  We believe these students fall out from the structure of Crossover and waver against the lure of the streets. Our coaches and mentors continue to chase these students and push for continued involvement in Crossover and to push parent involvement. The results are never static and require continued, consistent relationships and support. 
  • Development of our year-round basketball training and fundamentals program that includes practices in the gym on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Three major yearly tournaments organized and run at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center Gym, with competitions for elementary, middle and high school age groups. In addition, regional adult women's and men's competition.
  • Crossover raised the performance level and understanding of basketball fundamentals of all student players as measured in tournament winnings and acceptance onto school basketball teams. There is a powerful, intangible and immeasurable improvement in confidence and experience of all players and unity as friends.    
  • We had 20 middle and high school participants try out for school basketball teams.  Fourteen were accepted onto those school basketball teams. This is an amazing sign of growth and is already resulting in greater student engagement in school!  In the prior year, only 10 tried out and 8 were accepted.  We learned early on that out student players lacked confidence, the inability to complete paper work & physicals and thereby eliminating their ability to try out. As a result of the early leanings, Crossover provides physicals and assistance to complete tryout paperwork.
  • In the fall of 2015, Crossover furnished and set up a new office/multipurpose space at 1965 42nd Avenue.  This space has already given the possibility for 24/7 availability of tutoring and mentoring.  We look forward to 2017 and continued sustainability and growth.
  • Our students’ academics, basketball fundamentals and confidence are on the rise!

Current Programs & Projects

During the school year, the Crossover schedule emphasizes academics and athletics. Student players are engaged every day with these two components. During the summer, although we maintain athletic training and academic efforts, we shift gears and focus more heavily on mentoring and life exposure. We provide experiences that can shape the student players' vision about what is possible in their own education and careers. 

Year-round Basketball Training, Monthly Games and Competitive AAU Teams: The Crossover basketball-training program conducts practices at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center (GYAC) and the Gifford and Storm Grove Middle Schools. This training provides the foundations of discipline, teamwork, confidence, and respect.  The coaches interact with the families to promote awareness of the program and solicit family interaction and support.  To achieve structure in year-round athletic activities and training in basketball fundamentals and fitness, practices are conducted five times a week. Tournaments are held one Saturday per month. Large tournaments are held twice per year. This year, in efforts to increase the level of outside competition, Crossover is forming elementary, middle and high school travel AAU teams.  All student players are held accountable and are eligible to participate only when academic requirements are fulfilled. 

Year-round Academic Mentoring Program (AMP): Student players’ academic support and mentoring and in-school advocacy are determined and provided at the Crossover Center on an individual needs basis throughout the school year.  One-on-one tutoring hours are provided four days a week after school by staff and a host of volunteers at the Crossover Center. Any student player who does not maintain a “C” or higher average in all classes or who is failing any one class must attend weekly tutoring and work toward improvement to be eligible to participate in practices or games.  

Elite Fitness Training: This is a program of training for Crossover middle and high school student players who commit to a fitness boot camp during the summer in efforts to raise athletic performance, speed, strength, endurance, and agility in preparation for athletic participation in the coming school year. Fitness levels are tested before and after the program to record improvement.

Course Recovery Tutoring: Crossover is in direct collaboration with Gifford and Storm Grove Middle Schools, providing one-on-one support in Course Recovery so Crossover student players and non-Crossover students may pass the grade and minimize the dropout risk.  

Science for Shoes: This program introduces student players to an appropriate work ethic and the understanding of the delayed gratification that is required to work hard and earn something desirable. It motivates our student players to gain and take responsibility, while also broadening their science foundation and social skills, such as bullying, respecting diversity, and teamwork. Upon completion of each unit, which includes passing a comprehensive test, the student player not only gains helpful knowledge but also earns credits to be used towards the purchase of individually chosen and customized basketball shoes.

Student Advocacy: Crossover Mission, together with parents/guardians, advocates within the school system on behalf of Crossover’s student players with educational challenges. This advocacy and assistance to the student players and families enables the students to take advantage of programs within the public-school system that are created to assist such students, but are out of reach of these particular children due to parent/guardian limitations in navigating school systems and bureaucracies.

Summer Mentoring Program: In order for our Crossover student players to compete in the wider world, they need experience, skills, and exposure to the world beyond their local community that would not otherwise be available. This program has the specific goal of providing transformative life experiences that can impact student players’ view for the possibilities in life through exposure to, and experience in, the broader community of Indian River County and beyond. The program strives to change student players’ summers from a period of idleness to purpose-driven experience, from present-oriented thinking to future-driven aspirations by inspiring skill development and dream building that will shape their approach to educational and athletic efforts. 

The Summer Program offers the opportunity for student players to attend and reflect upon:

·      Field trips

·      University visits and college level basketball training camps 

·      Scholarships for local academic, artistic, and athletic camps

·      Dining & tours of restaurants

·      Swimming

·      Opportunities for athletic training (other than basketball) 

·      Summer Reading and Youth Group Activities 

With this continued support and guidance through the summer, Crossover student players have fun while learning and enjoying time off from the rigors of the academic year. 

Crossover Academy Prep: Within the population of Crossover student players, Crossover management has identified a population of high risk student players, approximately 20%, who continue to perform below a 2.0 GPA despite weekly tutoring, who score low on standardized tests (between 1-2 on FSA) and continue to exhibit disruptive behavior in school. The Crossover staff works with parents and student players to develop a strategic plan for the year, focusing on the long-term view. Programs include intensive mentoring and extended tutoring hours from 3-25 additional hours/week. 

Crossover Academy Pro: This program consists of eight powerful video-based courses for 13 thru 18-year-old student players to build capacity for success.  Student players work on the courses one-on-one with a mentor. Courses have the following objectives: 

·      Identify and build purpose in life

·      Unleash the power of the brain

·      Discover and use brain smart techniques

·      Learn the seven habits of highly effective teens

·      Understand how the Internet really works

·      Master smart rules for good writing

·      Examine options for college

·      Improve basketball skills with drills from the pros 

·      Explore the beauty and expanse of the universe

·      Learn how to type professionally

Crossover Academy Junior: This program features the “Points for Pedals Program” in collaboration with Bike Walk IRC. Crossover has developed six courses for student players ages 9 to12 to earn a bicycle.  These courses are designed to help student players:

·      Develop a growth mindset

·      Learn how intelligence is increased

·      Understand and apply close reading skills

·      Prepare for adolescence

·      Learn about the great composers and their musical achievements

·      Learn about famous scientists and inventors and their contributions to the world

·      Explore art forms and artistic styles

Test Prep Courses:  Crossover management has identified the need for help in preparing high school participants for FSA/EOC testing.  90% of student players in Crossover cannot pass standardized tests that are required for high school graduation.  With assistance from the School District of IRC, Crossover has organized test prep courses for reading and math for high school student players. The initial pilot for this program was completed in August 2017. Five of the sixteen Crossover ninth through eleventh grade student players who participated in the Crossover Test Prep course passed the SAT Reading section and fulfilled their reading requirement for graduation!